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Harry Gift Set C

Harry Gift Set C

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Keychain combo

Merry Christmas! Treat yourself or a loved one to this swiftie package full of goodies, this bundle includes:

  • 1 Two Ghosts beanie
  • 2 acrylic keychains
  • 2 keychain hooks (heart shaped, silver or gold)
  • 3 Harry bookmarks (distributed at random)
  • 2 matte mini-prints (Cherry & As It Was)
  • ... and 4 stickers

Keychain combos:

  • Set 1: Cherry & Keep Driving
  • Set 2: Harry's Housekey + Matilda's Reminder (Both Iridescent)
  • Set 3: Harry's Housekey + Matilda's Reminder (Both Glitter)


If there's an item you already have (eg. a bookmark), let me know in your order note or DM me on Instagram, so I can try my best to not give you a duplicate! PLEASE call your local post office by week 3-4, they most likely are holding your package!!!



All accessories (keychains, stickers, bookmarks) will be shipped SEPERATELY from tote bags & clothes (shirts & sweatshirts), if you order both, you will receive them in SEPERATE PACKAGES AT DIFFERENT TIMES. 

Accessories (keychains, stickers, bookmarks) are shipped from Hong Kong where I am currently staying, so please understand that packages will take a while (2-3 weeks) to get to you :(

There is not much I can do about delivery time, but I hope to make up for it with lower shipping costs and cute freebies :) Please ALWAYS call your local post office first if you haven't received your package! They are VERY LIKELY to be holding it!

***You may have to pay customs or taxes when your package arrives according to the law of your country, I will not be responsible for these costs***


Processing & Shipping Time


(how long it takes for me to pack and send out your packages)

3-5 days


Packages usually arrive within 2-3 weeks.

If you do not receive your package 3 weeks after your package is shipped, please first contact your local post office with the package number, 95% chances are the post office is holding your package. They hold it for a month before returning it to me.

You can also contact me through email and I will file an inquiry report for you to track down the package! But the best bet is that your local post office has it, and it's best to ask them first so they don't return it to me.

For more information, please read our return and shipping policy.

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